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TriFactor's White Papers are a knowledge base of best practices associated with material handling systems design.  These White Papers writeen by the TriFactor's staff have been featured in 100's of industry publications and web sites.


Considerations When Selecting a Sortation System


Seven Critical Steps to Planning Your Warehouse or Distribution Center


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Advanced Handling Systems is now TriFactor

 As everyone in business knows, changing a company name has serious implications.  It can often leave people wondering why. Since we have been considering a name change for a several years, let me share our thinking with you.

  • Why we changed our name. Over the years, the Advanced Handling Systems name has caused confusion since others are using the same or similar name in other parts of the country. As our service area continues to expand, the confusion increased to the point where it was in our best interest to consider a new name.  We wanted an identity that reflects our vision and capabilities. 
  • Why we see a name change as important.  We are a far different organization than we were even a decade ago, primarily because of the immense changes taking place in distribution technology. We are far more sophisticated in what we do because our customers’ challenges are far more demanding. You expect us to lead the way and that’s how we measure our success.  We recognize that the best solutions are the result of a partnership with customers that’s built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Why we chose TriFactor.At the same time, you may still be wondering why we chose the name TriFactor. It is our belief that TriFactor expresses our total focus on the three factors that are most important to our client-partners: Decreased distribution costs. Increased Distribution capacity. Increased distribution quality. If we are to deserve your business, we must deliver on three factors. This is the TriFactor commitment––and the TriFactor guarantee.  We will always take pride in the Advanced Handling Systems name. It has served us well for more than two decades. More importantly, our goal has always been to give it the respect it deserves. Now, we look forward to seize new opportunities with enthusiasm and competence under our new name. TriFactor

TriFactor is a start to finish provider of material handling automation solutions. We combine leading-edge products with over 30 years of industry experience to help our clients maximize productivity and maintain their competitive edge.

While TriFactor is a leading provider of material handling integrated solutions, equipment, installation and services; we are one of the few material handling companies in the country with the expertise and resources to offer a full spectrum of logistics and supply chain solutions, regardless of a project’s complexity or size.

Established in 1971, TriFactor is a multi-disciplined products and service provider with its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. We focus on designing and delivering, high quality and innovative solutions to our clients' material handling system requirements.

... The most important element in creating successful systems is not the technology, but the experience and expertise of the people who specify, design, and implement them ...

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals brings broad vision to our projects. Because we are actively involved in all facets of a material handling project, we work closely with a client from the inception of a project. This allows us to clearly understand their needs and objectives and sets us apart from more traditionally limited systems integrators.

To keep pace with the changing business needs of its clients, TriFactor has selected to innovate rather than replicate traditional material handling system delivery methods and services. We offer a variety of delivery options and carefully work with our clients to tailor a business environment that matches their project objectives.

Utilizing a true team approach, we are well known for our fast-track delivery of complex projects. This team approach further benefits our clients in the areas of maximum value, risk management, and substantial cost savings. We bring a stellar reputation, financial integrity, proven expertise, and a flawless safety record to every project we undertake.

Choosing TriFactor to lead your next project will minimize your risk, maximize your value, and allow you to be assured that your objectives will be the forefront of our efforts.

Some of the country's most respected corporations have chosen TriFactor to be their partner in their material handling initiatives.